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PUFFIN Metal bird

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While the Puffin may look like a clownish cross between a Duck and a Penguin, they’re widely regarded as the cutest birds on Earth. They do a great job of holding down their own kind of cool and would make an amazing addition to any backyard. If you do purchase one of our Puffins a little advice… never talk about Penguins in front of a Puffin. Puffins think Penguins are over-represented in the media, and especially loathe the ‘Happy Feet’ franchise. Follow that rule and I’m sure you’ll have a great time together.

Our Puffin is:

  • 9 inches high by 7 inches wide (doesn't include measurement of the base)
  • Easily installed on a fence or post. Just drill holes and screw in (screws not attached).
  • It will form a beautiful rust color that changes with the seasons
  • Makes an ideal gift for someone who’s done a lot for you and stuck with you through thick and thin
    Regular 11" 8" 1/4" 8oz