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  • Improved, more flexible and more durable glass formula.
  • The formula of the glass coating solution provides longer lasting protection and more resistance to scratches.
  • Fill in small scratches effectively and at the same time form a transparent glass protective layer.
  • Anti-UV formula, effectively prevent the aging of car paint.
  • The wax can be polished immediately without waiting too long.


It is suitable for the care of paint, glass, plastic parts, decorative parts, leather, and tires of any car color. It is a general-purpose automotive beauty wax.

  • Avoid the sun when waxing, choose a cool place so that the wax does not dry too quickly
  • If the humidity is high, increase the setting speed of the car wax.
  • The order of growth: roof-front-cover-both sides-back
  • The thickness of the wax: only a very thin layer
  • Auxiliary products prepared before use: wax sponge and soft polishing cloth
  • The degree of oxidation of external surfaces, eg painted surfaces, affects the effect after sealing, and solid products are not suitable for over-oxidized surfaces.
  • Fire principle, the principle of children, strictly prohibited, such as putting eyes in the mouth; Wash off immediately with water if it gets into your eyes.
  • Freezing, exposure to sunlight, 0-40 ° C in a cool and ventilated warehouse and transportation is strictly prohibited.